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Mini Whinny: No Place Like Home by Stacy Gregg

Mini Whinny, the mischievous little horse, is back – and her home is in disarray.

When a nearby petting zoo catches fire, the homeless animals come and stay at Blackthorn Stables – and Mini Whinny’s life is turned upside down. “Stables are only for ponies!” Mini Whinny huffed.

She builds a wall to try and keep the animals out of her stall, but when that fails and frustrations reach an all-time high, she realises they want to get home as much as she wants them to. Mini Whinny decides to stage a circus show to raise money to help get the animals back to their home.

This is the fourth story in this series of horsey friendship from New Zealand author Stacy Gregg.

Once again, Mini Whinny is sassy and strong, and there's a good lesson for little readers to ponder throughout.

Illustrator Ruth Paul, once again, does a wonderful job with the artwork. There's plenty to ponder within the illustrations, and each animal has plenty of character and personality.

This addition to the series seemed to sit better with my little readers. We were worried Mini Whinny had lost some of her charm, but No Place Like Home recaptured our hearts.

Reviewed by Rebekah Lyell

Scholastic, RRP $19.99


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