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Men Making Changes by Kay Douglas

Men Making Changes is for men who want to become the partners and fathers their families want them to be, and they themselves aspire to become.

Author Kay Douglas provides invaluable information, stories, strategies and exercises, while asking insightful questions. With this book, men have all the tools they need to change harmful behaviour patterns.

Kay Douglas is a registered psychotherapist who specialises in anger, abuse and trauma, so she brings a wealth of experience to this practical and readable book.

This is a book for any man how might sometime harm his family with putdowns, angry outbursts or abuse – and it’s for men in strained relationships.

Men Making Changes is a comprehensive and excellent guide for navigating anger in a constructive, rather than destructive way, with strategies for making real and sustainable changes. This is an invaluable book that can make real change in our community.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Speaking From the Heart Publishing


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