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Love, In Theory by Elodie Cheesman

What a delightful debut novel! The story opens with 24-year-old lawyer Romy coming across a theory that she is at her ‘optimal stopping point’ and based on maths, she is at the time in her life where selecting the next ‘best person’ she dates will give her the best chance to have a happy outcome and a loving, lifelong partner. So she decides it is time to get serious about meeting someone.

For the first time, Romy joins a dating app, and after some false starts she thinks, dependable Hans, an engineer, would be a good choice for her. She views her growing relationship as rationally as she can, looking for consistency and reliability over passion and lust. But at around the same time, Romy meets charismatic James, a graphic designer, at a party, to whom she is attracted. But she resolves not to go down the same pathway as before like with her previous relationships, that all ended badly. She decides that her head must rule over her heart, and she ruthlessly sticks to her plan.

Love, in Theory is a great deal of fun, and it explores a lot of theories and issues around dating in the modern age and what really makes relationships successful. Romy is a charming character, as is her tight-knit group of friends following her experiment with interest (and concern) and her slightly eccentric family. It’s a feel-good, perceptive read -- a romantic comedy that is fresh and fun, although you might have an inkling from the get-go where the plotline will end up. But it’s a surprising journey to the final chapter, and it’s a read that will definitely put a smile on your face.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Macmillan Publishers


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