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Little Baa Baa and Quirky Turkey: Bedtime Blast-Off! by Mark Sommerset

Having been tricked into eating 'smarty tablets' and failing to get revenge with some lemonade, Quirky Turkey sees a chance to play a trick on Little Baa Baa at bedtime.

Will Quirky succeed? Or will Baa Baa get wind of what Quirky is up to?

This is the third instalment in the best-loved Baa Baa Smart Sheep series by author Mark Sommerset.

Sommerset squeezes in plot twists and laughs galore in this great read-aloud, as well as ample opportunity to discuss the importance of critical thinking and the perils of not paying attention.

Both Baa Baa and Quirky Turkey have a great energy, with wacky humour and quick fire dialogue. Written almost entirely in the first person, Bedtime Blast-Off is, like its predecessors, best when shared and read aloud. If your household is anything like mine, there will be fights over who gets to be which character.

Pradyut Chatterjee creates characters full of expression and playfulness in the illustrations. Both Baa Baa and Quirky have great facial expressions and body language that really add to the story-telling too.

For those that couldn't stomach Baa Baa Smart Sheep, the latest release does not have quite the same gross out factor. Bedtime Blast-Off is a laugh out loud finale to the trilogy that will delight younger readers.

Reviewed by Rebekah Lyell

Dreamboat Books, RRP $29.99


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