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Lily Halfmoon: The Magic Gems by Xavier Bonet

Lily Halfmoon has just moved to the town of Piedraville. New house, new school and … new powers? Surprise – Lily is a witch! She must learn magic, and find her animal guardian and gemstone, while keeping her new identity a secret.

Protecting the people of Piedraville from evil is no easy task. Especially when a dangerous creature is on the loose. Will Lily finally discover her gem's unique power with the help of her new friends, Gigi and Mai, all without attracting attention?

This is a spellbinding graphic novel about a secret school of witches, animal guardians and magical gemstones. Xavier Bonet's adorable and delightful illustrations will captivate younger readers, especially girls. There's cute creatures, gemstones and even a robotic vacuum cleaner, all rendered in full colour. His illustrations are moody and alluring, drawing readers in.

Bonet highlights the power of friendship and embracing your unique talents in this book. Each character is charming yet relatable. They embrace their awkwardness and flaws, working together to support each other.

It is studded with magical features, with pages exploring unique powers of gems, profiles of familiars and even a recipe for magic cleaning slime.

The graphic novel format makes it approachable for reluctant readers. It will be a big hit for those readers who are keen on the idea of chapter books in the same genre, Harry Potter for example, but aren't quite at the independent reading stage yet. It's also a good one for those new to the graphic novel format. The panels are set out naturally, allowing reading to flow, and Bonet's intricate illustrations help readers understand there is more to the story than just reading the words.

This is a magical graphic novel that will cast a spell over anyone. An absolute delight, we can't wait to see Lily's next adventure.

Reviewer: Rebekah Lyell Allen & Unwin


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