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Life Is…An Ordinary Kiwi Reflects by George Bryant

George Bryant is a New Zealand author who has worked as a teacher, preacher, public speaker, politician and social worker. He considers himself an ‘ordinary Kiwi’ and now retired, he reflects on a range of issues that are vital to all humanity.

‘In this book I’ve reflected on many aspects of life – the value and uniqueness of human beings, our enjoyments, our endeavours, deprivations and motivations,’ says George in his foreword.

He’s written a real gem of a book that explores everything from having fun, who we are and what we are doing here, work, pain and suffering, poverty, disabilities, and if there is life after death.

George’s style is very lively and engaging, and he includes facts and information from experts as he explores each of his subjects. Broadly structured from ‘The Beginning,’ ‘The Middle’ and ‘The End,’ he talks about many vital issues from the cradle to the grave, a chance for other Kiwi’s to reflect on these important topics. Of course, he doesn’t cover all aspects of living on planet earth, but the book does cover a vast range of different subjects.

Life Is…An Ordinary Kiwi Reflects is written with compassion, humour and wisdom, and will start many a conversation in households around New Zealand as George reflects on life. A mixture of the practical and the philosophical, it’s an engaging read, and one I suspect readers will dip into again and again.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Day Star Books


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