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Lengthening the Shadow by Dave Burt

Dave Burt has written a courageous, insightful and practical book, Lengthening the Shadow, where he shares his story of confronting depression.

Ill health and countless surgeries sent businessman Dave Burt into a downward spiral of despair and hopelessness. He spent years trying to hide his depression, worrying what other people would think, before thinking, ‘enough is enough’ and choosing to do something about it. With a friend, he embarked on a 10-week ‘ultimate body transformation’ regime at the local gym, and he shares his insights, and ups and downs, about getting body and soul back on track.

You may wonder about the title of the book, and Dave explains his metaphor in the book:

‘The title of Lengthening the Shadow came about at the start of the book, while I was doing my morning run in the dark. I noticed that as I moved away from the street lights my shadow was short and wide, I guess, just how I felt. The further I moved from the street light, the taller and more in proportion I looked. So, every time I passed a street light, I used it as my motivation to run, to get fit and more in proportion. At the end of the challenge I came to the realisation that throughout the journey, I had lengthened my shadow in a way I hadn’t expected. From a mental wellbeing perspective, my shadow was tall and strong.’

This book is invaluable and should be given to anyone suffering depression, especially men who might be trying to hide their depression, like Dave did to begin with. Lengthening the Shadow is real and honest, and full of insight and practical strategies. Best of all it shines a light of hope for anyone in similar situation.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Mary Egan Publishing, RRP $30.00


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