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Kiwi-As Toilets by Jo Knox

I guarantee this brilliantly quirky book will be wrapped and placed under many Christmas trees this year, awaiting giggles of delight on opening!

Prepare yourself for splashes of toilet humour as author Jo Knox tours the finest toilets throughout the country. This light hearted overview showcases some of our most interesting lavatories. From toilets that celebrate a region's heritage to local art and fun facilities, Jo takes Kiwi humour to the next level.

This travel guide will have you bursting to make detours to visit the funniest facilities, most decorative dunnies and best loos with views that New Zealand has to offer.

Author Jo Knox, was born and raised in England. She moved to New Zealand in 2002 after falling in love with Aotearoa on a working holiday. She is dedicated road tripped and enjoys adventuring in a campervan with her husband and sons. Although she has had a career in mathematics education she has since diversified to write about 'number ones and number twos' for Kiwi-As Toilets.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy RRP $29.99


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