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Inside Bubble Earth: Climate Change by Des Hunt

What causes climate? What changes climate? Author Des Hunt takes readers on an in-depth look at the science of climate and then at what we can all do to help the earth thrive.

Since 1970 Hunt has published over 20 fiction and 6 nonfiction works so far. His fiction thrillers are often based on conservation themes, and he's also spent some time as a science teacher.

His goal with Inside Bubble Earth is to encourage a sense of empowerment and hope when looking at what is happening to Earth's climate.

This illustrated nonfiction book is simply explained, and a great resource for intermediate and high school-aged children.

The first few pages are rather odd at first glance, but the spooky story sets up the topic quite well.

Hunt uses bubbles - that term we have come to know well during Covid - as the opener, exploring beginnings in all forms. He then moves on to explain the science of climate change, before looking at causes, consequences and cures, before wrapping up with some simple ways we can take personal responsibility. This section could have been expanded, although there are plenty of resources that already exist for readers to hunt out about this.

A great glossary helps break down some of the trickier words and concepts, while Hunt also provides further reading ideas, broken down into each of the four sections he covers in the book.

Graphs, diagrams and photographs help build children's scientific literacy skills.

Hunt's teaching background shines in Inside Bubble Earth, explaining climate change in a simple way while empowering readers to take action.

Reviewed by: Rebekah Lyell

OneTree House, RRP $40


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