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I Would Dangle The Moon by Amber Moffat

What would you do if you could pluck the moon from the sky? Would you scoop it up in an ice cream cone or dangle it as a piñata, ready to burst open? A mother and daughter ponder the moon, letting their imaginations take flight.

I Would Dangle the Moon is an imaginative read that will tickle the fancy of any young reader.

The simple prose, with a repetitive pattern, encourages both adult reader and little listener to ponder and imagine together.

Author Amber Moffat is a writer and visual artist based in Australia, but still has strong links to her hometown of Dunedin. As an experienced teacher and a fierce advocate for arts education, her debut book is a shining example of her values.

Her rich, colourful paintings paired with the playful prose makes for a fun book to share. We were swept up with the story and spend a great deal of time after each reading pondering and dreaming about the things we would do with the moon if we were different creatures or people.

It is a large book in the physical sense too though. With a black cover it certainly stands out on the bookshelf.

It’s size also contributes to its uniqueness - the book is a large square, which makes for a great canvas for Moffat’s expansive and detailed paintings. However, it can become a little bit of a difficult juggle for a read-along with a group. The story is also long, almost a little too long for pre-schoolers.

Despite this though, the lyrical poetic writing and illustrations are very unique. It would make for a great platform for any creative learning experience in a classroom. With the fiftieth anniversary of the moon landing coming up, the book offers an opportunity to explore the special place the moon holds in our collective imagination.

I Would Dangle the Moon is a wonderfully unique read that encourages imaginative play.

Reviewer: Rebekah Fraser

Midnight Sun Publishing, RRP $34.99


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