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I Remember by Jeanne Willis & Raquel Catalina

I Remember is such a beautifully presented children’s picture book that deals with some pretty serious subject matter in a wonderfully sweet way.

Kathleen is an older lady struggling to remember who a young boy is that is sharing some time with her. She explains that she can remember being five, but not what happened five minutes ago.

As the story carries on Kathleen is introduced to the world of the young boy, from climbing trees, to sharing chocolate biscuits, to pretending to travel through time and space. Eventually, Kathleen asks the young man if he’s ever met her young grandson, George, only to find out that the young man is George.

It is an important story for young people, particularly those for whom their grandparents or parents are struggling with this situation. Without shying away from the truths of this terrible affliction of memory loss, there is a wonderfully sweet connection between Kathleen and George that is never, not even for a moment, lost.

Beautifully and tastefully illustrated, the development of the relationship between George and Kathleen is wonderfully exhibited. Without a doubt it will find a place in any school or home library - and for good reason.

I Remember is a story of love, of togetherness, and of sweet innocence in the face of adversity. It is a treasure of a book and a wonderful resource for those who may be struggling with this in their own lives. Such a treasure of a book.

Reviewer: Chris Reed

Allen & Unwin


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