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Homemade by Eleanor Ozich

In Homemade, bestselling cookbook author, Eleanor Ozich, shares more than 80 inspiring recipes for homemade essentials. You’ll learn to make your own delicious bread, cheese, crackers, mayonnaise, pickles, yoghurt and more.

Eleanor’s back-to-basics recipes use cost effective, everyday ingredients. More often than not, she says, we buy pre-made foods without knowing how satisfyingly easy they are to make at home. Her recipe for roasted hazelnut and mint dukkah is mouth-watering, likewise her delicately spiced hot cocoa drink. Not forgetting her sundried tomato chilli sauce, smoky almond sauce, or roasted garlic and butter bean hummus!

Eleanor also includes a chapter on how to create eco-conscious household items like air fresheners, candles, cleaners, food wraps, scrubs and other body products. Several of her recipes have inspired me, including her lemon and lime scented all-purpose cleaning spray!

What I like most about Eleanor’s writing is that she gently encourages you to try something new. For example, have you ever made cinnamon baked pear chips? They are a delicious snack, great for lunchboxes and easy to make. Also, a simple recipe for a citrus dishwashing powder. All you need is a handful of basic ingredients and Eleanor promises that once you begin to know the recipes, it’s effortless to incorporate them into your daily routine.

Eleanor’s stunning photography perfectly complement her inspired solutions. Homemade is the perfect book to give to a friend and my own copy will certainly be well-thumbed in my home!

Eleanor Ozich is a bestselling cookbook author. A self-taught cook, her father was a chef and she grew up living above his restaurant. She has worked in cafes and restaurants and went on to co-own Mondays café with fellow food blogger Hannah Horton. She has a large following of loyal readers who look forward to her recipes and ideas for living a less complicated life. Her previous titles include My Petite Kitchen, My Family Table and The Art of Simple.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy Penguin NZ, RRP $40.00


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