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Harry The Hermit Crab by Danni Rae

Harry the hermit crab has outgrown his shell. But on his quest to the beach to find a new one, he discovers an unexpected challenge. Will he ever find the perfect new home?

Author and zookeeper Danni Rae highlights the hazards of plastic pollution in Harry the Hermit Crab, her second children's book.

Rae is passionate about raising awareness of conservation for all creatures, choosing the hermit crab for this story as they are an underdog creature of seashores in New Zealand. While the plot is fairly formulaic and well-worn, Rae manages to craft an enjoyable story that shares an important message about the impact of humans on our environment and those that live in it.

Illustrator Evan Heasman's artwork is unique, jumping off the page in a riot of colour. Bright and bold, they are intricate and offer up lots of space for discussion and questions. 

Rae includes some interesting facts about strawberry hermit crabs at the end of the book, encouraging readers to learn more and take action. Harry the Hermit Crab is a great book to introduce younger readers to the topic of conservation and the importance of caring for our environment.


Reviewer: Rebekah Lyell

Little Love


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