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Gravity by Jason Chin

A simple book spelling out a rather complicated concept in a rather simple way. You can practice it at home too. Simply push your laptop off the table it’s on and there you go, a working example of gravity.

This book would be a great ‘read to’ book for any junior school teachers out there that are studying a unit on space and it’s many different aspects. Plus, reading it a home to your toddler will be another audience this book is well suited to.

Giant illustrations are required to illustrate the lesson of gravity. The book playfully ties in it’s own self as it breaks the fourth wall and becomes a major player in the story too. Clever and exciting graphics will provide much entertainment for the reader, big and small.

It’s not all that common for the author to illustrate his own book, but Jason Chin has done a superb job. He’s probably more an artist/creative who wrote a book, rather than the other way around, given the several sentences in the book. Mind you, if you only have a few words to use, you have to use them well and he has done just that.

Wrapping this book up at the end is a detailed scientific section that will help you, the parent appear super smart when any questions are raised from the book. This section allows the book to extend it’s target audience up to ten years old as it would be quite helpful for a science project… if you wish to avoid the internet.

Simply, it’s a great, clever book that lots of ages will enjoy. Ages 2-10.

REVIEWER: Drew Thompson

TITLE: Gravity

AUTHOR(S): Jason Chin

PUBLISHER: Penguin Random House

RRP: $19.99


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