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Grandpa's Dashing Dessert by Tania Suckling

Grandpa is back and this time he is in the kitchen baking a lofty, lustrous and luxurious pavlova. He loads it onto the tea trolley and quickly loses control of it. Let the chase begin, will Grandpa catch the pav, or will Grandma have to come to the rescue again?

Grandpa's Dashing Dessert is the companion story to author Tania Suckling's Grandpa Versus Swing. This book didn't quite have the same level of humour or delight as the first, but once again, she's written a story with faultless rhythm and plenty of laughs. While I did get tongue-tangled in a few spots, it adds to the joy and humour that makes this book a great read aloud.

Illustrator Lael Chisholm captures the playful spirit of the grandparents, and adds lots of quirky details. The cat's full belly and that delectable pav are captured brilliantly. Once again, be sure to open the book right up to see the clever cover.

Grandpa's Dashing Dessert is about an adventure that goes awry and becomes a family legend in the retelling. Highlighting the importance of teamwork and laughter, it's as sweet as the centrepiece dessert that caused the trouble.

Reviewer: Rebekah Lyell



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