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Good For You by Claire Chitham and Kylie Bailey

Actress Claire Chitham has teamed up with journalist Kylie Bailey, combining their knowledge to co-write this new guide to gut health and wellbeing.

“Health is the ultimate leveller. Until you or someone you love gets sick, you know how much you value it. And prevention is far better than cure. That’s why I believe learning how to practice being healthy every day and finding what’s good for you is the thing we are put on this earth as humans to do,” says Kylie, who has experienced anxiety.

Speaking from their own personal experiences, Claire and Kylie hope to empower readers to regain control of their health and wellbeing. Their attention is focused on investing in health, vitality, illness prevention and stress reduction.

“I’ve lived with Crohn’s Disease and learned to love my guts on a daily basis. It only took me 20 years! I’m here to share my lessons, wins and mistakes with you in the hopes that you might learn from them a little faster than me,” says Claire, a storyteller who is driven to share so others may learn from her journey.

Claire and Kylie are not selling a social media influencer endorsed lifestyle! They aim to inspire readers to develop their own healthy prescription for life. Together, they offer practical advice that has either worked for them or is based on peer-reviewed research from contributing practitioners.

Some of the key concepts discussed in Good For You include:

· Learning to listen to your body

· How to take action if you’re unwell

· Simplifying your approach to wellbeing

· The importance of small changes in an ongoing wellness journey

Good For You will be of great benefit to those who are unwell or generally interested in better health and vitality. It’s blend of memoir and recipe book for health, makes it an enjoyable book to read. Follow Good For You online.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy Karanema Books, RRP $39.99


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