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Get Ready, Mama! by Sharon Giltrow & Arielle Li

Get Ready, Mama! reminds us all that mornings are not easy - especially for Mamas! There’s more sleep to be had, more television to watch, more cuddles to try and distract…. Wait, what?

In this tremendously funny role reversal picture book from Sharon Giltrow and Arielle Li, Mama needs all the help she can get. She even struggles to keep all her breakfast inside the bowl, opting to tip it all over herself, causing yet another change in the morning routine!

All those typical excuses are flipped on their heads and Mama tries every trick in the book to avoid going to school. It’s just mayhem for the poor young girl charged with getting everything sorted so that school and work are arrived at. On time.

The cheekiness of the book is obvious, but it is such a fun read. The illustrations really are something else, as the poor girl has to use all kinds of reminders and gentle pushes to get Mama out the door.

The writing of the book is wonderfully evocative of just about every morning when raising a toddler, only it’s not the toddler! Such an original take on those frustrating moments in every parent’s life.

Sure to be a favourite in houses around the globe as everyone recognises that repeated phrase ‘5 more minutes’. Get Ready, Mama! is already a term that has caught on in this household, at least!

Reviewer: Chris Reed

EK Press

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