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Georgie the Royal Prince Fairy by Daisy Meadows

The Rainbow Magic series is written by Daisy Meadows, which is a pseudonym for the series’ four writers. Each book follows an adventure of Rachel and Kirsty as they meet a new fairy.

With over 150 books in the series, readers have quite a few to choose from! The latest on offer is Georgie the Royal Prince Fairy, where Rachel and Kirsty must get Georgie the Royal Prince Fairy’s signet ring back off the evil Jack Frost before the baby prince’s naming ceremony.

The story is a quick adventure, with the girls exploring the royal events happening in the human world, while working on saving the royal events about to happen in Fairyland. With princes, goblins, horse races, and a meeting with the Queen, it is an adventure any girl would dream of. Every few pages are beautifully illustrated with black and white drawings, and the book is well laid out with large print.

Georgie the Royal Prince Fairy makes an excellent bedtime book. You can just get through reading the whole book to your daughter in a longer sitting, but it is also divided nicely into chapters that work well for a chapter or two a night scenario.

Suitable for ages 5+, the Rainbow Magic books are perfect for young girls who love adventure and fairies, and Georgie the Royal Prince Fairy is no exception!

TITLE: Georgie the Royal Prince Fairy

AUTHOR(S): Daisy Meadows


RRP: $12.99


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