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Forget selfies, we want to see your shelfies!

Updated: Jun 19, 2018

Here's some shelfies from the NZ Booklovers team!

'Here’s a #shelfie of the books that are seeing me through the next few months in temporary accommodation.' Andrea Molloy

'No prizes for guessing who my favourite author is. The other books are really just placeholders until Zadie writes something new.' India Lopez

'This is my upstairs study.' Marcus Hobson (note the ladder!)

'My shelfie - a mixture of treasured classics, contemporary fiction, reference books, language primers, and poetry anthologies - Renaissance and Romantic - as well as a turtle librarian/keeper of the ledger.' Azariah Alfante

'So many favourite books - just one of my 15 bookshelves around our home!' Karen McMillan


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