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Flying Furballs Take-Off! by Donovan Bixley

Join young pilot Claude D'Bonair and the crazy crew at Cats HQ on their hair-raising adventures. Inspired by the adventure annuals of the 50s and 60s, Flying Furballs Take-Off is a large format, full-colour collection of stories and fun by talented artist Donovan Bixley.

Readers may recognise the characters in this furtastic world - with this book being a tie-in to Bixley's Flying Furballs series of nine chapter books. However, readers not yet acquainted with the series will find this a great introduction.

Take-Off is jam-packed with adventure, full-colour comics, detailed diagrams and purrfect puns that both new and old fans will love.

Bixley crams a 25 page comic, maps and character bios, drawing classes, a look and find page, puzzling poems, and so much more into this high-energy book. There's also a new stand alone Furballs story, with Bixley including an excerpt from Major Tom's autobiography.

Madcap adventures and terrible (read: funny) wordplay combined with painstaking attention to detail, Flying Furballs Take-off is everything you’d expect from a Bixley book.

Reviewer: Rebekah Lyell Upstart Press


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