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Flavour Bomb by Belinda MacDonald

I’ll begin with a disclaimer: I love Belinda MacDonald’s work around food and diet. She has been a staple of our kitchen decisions since she was in My Kitchen Rules way back in 2014. Sure, the kitchen here is definitely not as effective (or clean) as hers, but some of the mentalities that went into cooking have been applied. The Keto revolution has taken over the nation in recent years and it does feel like it aligns pleasantly with Belinda’s style of cooking.

During Covid lockdowns her popularity took an exponential rise in fortune as she opened her way of cooking up to a range of newcomers both to keto, and to the world of easy swaps for cooking at home - in an easy and digestible way. At this point in our lockdown life, it was a breath of fresh air to enjoy something a little different to the staples that day to day life had thrown our family into.

The book is split into five sections beginning with a personal favourite - family feasts (hint: the keto crackers are a must! If you are new to keto: start here, you won’t look back!) in which we’ve made every recipe. It covers all parts of the day and leaves you feeling satiated and fulfilled.

The recipes do use some slightly different ingredients meaning that there are a few upfront expenses that you just can’t get around. In the modern world with its many (many!) conveniences, it will take a bit of practise to get used to the shift in thinking and the forward prep that is required on some of the dishes (no more popping a couple of bits of bread in the toaster and being done with it) but the results of good health and balance in the diet stand for themselves.

In terms of the difficulty of the recipes, there is something for everyone. For the most part the recipes are straightforward and delicious, but for those who want something a little more technical and exciting, there are definitely a few that push basic skills level cooks.

Must tries have to include:

- Sweet potato waffles

- Chicken Schnitty

- Coconut Yoghurt Nice-Blocks

- Spaghetti Squash, Spinach, Sage & Pecorino Fritters

- (And an absolute must) Lamb Skewers with Rosemary Chimichurri!

For those looking for a better version of diet without the concern of highly processed food and preservatives, something that brings together fresh ingredients with high quality meats, then look no further. This book really does add a ‘zhooshed’ up feel to some staples, and creates new favourites for the family.

Reviewer: Chris Reed



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