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Five Hot 2014 Reads for Men

With a sea of new releases out there on the bookstore shelves, it can be difficult to know what book to pick up. Here are a few suggestions for some current must-read titles for blokes.

Never Go Back, by Lee Child

When Jack Reacher is recalled back to the Army after finally making it to Virginia, his life takes a complete 180 turn. With his ever reliable character and sharp writing, Lee Child has produced another modern classic.

Mother of God, by Paul Rosolie

Here is a unique insight into the world’s largest forest. The book covers everything from the author’s personal journey to a discussion about how endangered a lot of forests are in.

Ghost Ship, by Clive Cussler

There is no shortage of action and excitement in this novel. Clive Cussler is not afraid to put his characters in danger and the result is a strong minded, realistic and easy to relate to plot.

James Cook’s New World, by Graeme Lay

This is the engaging fictional account – interwoven with a reasonable level of truth – of the first European man to circumnavigate New Zealand. The book brilliantly captures Cook’s love of exploration.

Only the Dead, by Ben Sanders

Detective Sergeant Sean Deveraux is back. After a witness protection operation implodes, it is soon linked to multiple robberies. Sanders third book is more refined and reads easier than his previous two books.

Stuart Macadam

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