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Finding Gratitude by Rebekah Lipp and Nicole Perry

When was the last time you stopped to notice the sunset, the power of a hug or the strength of your body?

Finding Gratitude introduces the concept of gratitude into everyday life. Simply put, gratitude is being thankful. Too often, in our busy lives taking a moment to be thankful is low on our priority lists. However, using gratitude as a daily practice can help strengthen our minds and improve our lives. Being grateful helps us to flip negative thoughts into more helpful ones.

The regular practice of gratitude teaches us that there are many reasons to be happy. While the power of mindfulness and positive thinking is now well documented, this is the ideal how-to guide.

Rebekah and Nicole show you how to be thankful for everything from laughter, to the arts and nature. My favourite chapter highlights the seasons and helped change my mid-winter perspective.

“You don’t need to change your world to be happier, you simply need to change your mind, and gratitude helps you do just that,” they write.

Finding Gratitude features over 75 often overlooked daily moments with simple prompts. The reminders help appreciate, find, inspire and apply gratitude each day. The effective, simple ideas are paired with stunning photography and inspiring design.

Authors Rebekah Lipp and Nicole Perry are the founders of Awesome Inc.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy

Publisher, RRP $27.99


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