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El Flamingo by Nick Davies

In the debut novel El Flamingo, we first meet Lou Galloway in a bar in Mexico, contemplating the worm in the bottom of his cheap mezcal. Lou has fled Los Angeles and quit acting for good after missing out on the big part that could have changed everything for him. Lou is a ‘scorned dreamer’ chewed up and spat out from L.A, but for now, all Lou wants is to find oblivion in his cheap drink. But then he shares a drink with a stranger wearing a fedora hat; this seemingly chance encounter sets Lou off on the adventure of a lifetime. Mistaken for a rogue assassin known as ‘El Flamingo’, he is swept into a dangerous world of Latin-American espionage, where he only has his wits to survive.

At first, Lou has no choice but to assume the identity of El Flamingo, but when he meets the beautiful but enigmatic Maria-Carla, he knows he wouldn’t stop playing El Flamingo even if he found an opportunity. Lou is committed to the role of a lifetime, and he must use all his skills as an actor to stay ahead of danger. But as he goes from a Mariachi wedding to Colombian salsa bars, the odds are looking increasingly unlikely he will come out of this alive.

El Flamingo is a perfectly crafted sunset-noir novel that engages from the opening page to the satisfying conclusion. Lou Galloway is an unforgettable character full of self-deprecating wit, and the plot is the perfect blend of action, intrigue and romance, all with an exotic Latin-American vibe. This is the story of a dreamer reaching for the impossible, and it’s a tale infused with heart and soul.

Nick Davies is a Kiwi actor who has a natural talent for writing. His debut novel is outstanding! Go read the book before this gets made into a movie. Lou Galloway as El Flamingo is a character you will fall in love with!

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

YBK Publishers


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