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Easy Peasy by Ky Garvey and Amy Calautti

Easy Peasy is a new, beautifully illustrated children’s picture book written by the wonderful Ky Garvey and Amy Calautti. Garvey, a skater herself, explores the wonderful world of roller skating in this new book designed to show children that with a little support from others, you can do great things.

Easy Peasy centres on the wonderful lives of a father and daughter, the latter of which has received a new pair of shiny red skates.

Like any young person, she wants to find out what she can do herself without the help of her dad. And the results are hilarious. There’s a wibble, then a wobble, until finally there’s a bump and a crash!

Ruby, our loveable central character, is to be celebrated for her resilience as she continues to get up and up and up after falling with the new skates.

Finally, Dad is allowed to help out, and together they rule the rink with its exciting lights, and people rooming all around them.

This is a cracker of a book that gets to the heart of the parent-child relationships, but also the way in which children can learn and can find resilience through activities that are not school-based. A really wonderful book.

Reviewer: Chris Reed



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