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E Oma, Rāpeti - Run, Rabbit series by Norah Wilson

This adorable set of new bilingual books follow the adventures of a playful and determined young rāpeti (rabbit). Each book is a story in its own right, with each storyline recognisable and relatable to the youngest of readers.

Rāpti races his friends but experiences a series of misfortunes in Te Rehi - The Race, while in Te Wā Tākaro - Playtime the fluffy little bunny is so engrossed in the busy work of play he forgets to go to the toilet. Finally, Pō Mārie - Goodnight sees rāpeti saying goodnight to all his friends, but will he miss his own bedtime. Each story will have parents smiling as they relate to the antics of rāpeti, especially in Te Wā Tākaro.

Author Norah Wilson uses simple sentence structure throughout each story. Pānia Papa follows that with the te reo Māori, offering an accessible introduction to te reo Māori for younger readers and their whānau. There's lots of lovely phrases readers can add to their everyday vocabulary.

The layout of the book is lovely too, with te reo Māori coming first. The text is in speech bubbles, introducing younger readers to the concept of dialogue. A couple of read throughs and our littles ones were confident and keen to take part in the reading too, each choosing a character to read.

Kimberly Andrews' whimsical artwork is instantly recognisable. She creates a lovable bunny, with a great support crew. Andrews, perhaps most well known for her Puffin the Architect series, makes sure readers know exactly where the books are set, with plenty of native birds, classic New Zealand coastlines and flora nestled within the pages.

This gorgeous trio of bilingual picture books make a delightful addition to any bookshelf.

Reviewed by Rebekah Lyell

Scholastic, RRP $19.99


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