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Dusty The Digger by Deano Yipadee

When goats Plinky and Plonky snatch buckets of jelly powder and fall into a swimming pool, they get stuck in jiggly, wobbly jelly. When Nee Naw's ladder can't reach them, and Grandma's spoon can't scoop jelly out of the pool fast enough, Dusty the Digger takes action.

From the creator of the bestselling Nee Naw series, author Deano Yipadee introduces younger readers to a new character.

With an easy-to-sing melody and catchy refrain, this book will capture the attention of younger readers. The song is available to download or stream, with instructions included on the inside cover. I prefer the story in its song form, more than a book. Reading it didn't flow as well as it does singing it. But the book will still be a delight for younger readers.

This time around a new illustrator also joins the team. Bruce Potter brings his own twist to the artwork, while honouring the characters already established by Paul Beavis. They are bright and full of emotion and joy. There's some great little pictorial hints for eagle-eyed readers to spot too.

Overall, Dusty the Digger is another joyful and energetic book and sing-along that introduces fans of Yipadee to a cute new character.

Reviewed by Rebekah Lyell



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