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Dogs with Stories by Mardo El-Noor

Mardo El-Noor makes his living from directing and animating commercial ads, music videos and branding content, and he has just released his first book, Dogs with Stories, which features loads of dogs and their owners in words and photography.

The project took four years to create, and the finished book includes stunning photographs that have been staged in people’s homes or workplaces, where they pose with their dogs.

At the same time, there are light-hearted stories based on the interviews that were done at the same time as the photoshoots.

The photographs are truly amazing, they are images that are rich in details and objects, and the colours are extraordinary. They are what you would call ‘hyper-realistic’ and impeccably staged. The stories that accompany the images give a little bit of an insight into the owners and their pets; it’s really well done.

Anyone who loves dogs will adore this book, but it’s also a book for anyone interested in photography, as the images in this book are first-rate, and the book would look wonderful on any coffee table.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Beatnik Publishing


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