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Day One by Abigail Dean

In the picturesque Lake District, the tranquillity of Stonesmere is shattered by a shocking tragedy. 

Day One plunges into the aftermath of a harrowing school shooting, skillfully deconstructing the layers of trauma. No one ever imagined their community would be under attack by a lone gunman, during a primary school play in the local village hill. However, this event sets off a train of events that will have devastating consequences for the close-knit community.  

Marty shares her unique perspective as the daughter of the heroic teacher who lost her life trying to protect her students. She said she was with everyone else that day and that she tried to save them. But what did Marty see and how is she involved? Her perspective provides an emotional view of the tragedy’s impact on those directly affected. 

However, following the killings, conspiracy theorists begin questioning what happened. Marty’s story is cleverly juxtaposed by outsider Trent Casey’s involvement. His quest for exposure becomes a poignant subplot, highlighting the destructive power of misinformation. 

It seems everyone has their own version of what happened that day, from the survivor who escaped but is now trapped in a lie, the newspapers chasing every angle and those who claim it never happened at all! 

Day One is a heartbreaking novel, returning to the scene of the shooting repeatedly from different perspectives as it slowly unravels the truth. An evocative, thought provoking novel about community, love and the meaning of truth. Follow Abigail Dean online.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy




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