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Coney by David Minty

Coney loves the roadworks, but one day as his crew head home their truck hits a pothole. Coney is thrown from the truck and loses his memory in the fall. Will he regain his knowledge and make it back to the roadworks, or will he become just another lost cone?

Author David Minty's irreverent style of humour and colorful illustrations are in fine form in this book. His use of bright, bold colours and simple shapes make it visually interesting, and he is sure to include lots of funny details to keep younger ones busy. The pictures also help little ones recall and retell the story, using the pictures to guide them.

Coney is a great book to read aloud. It's imaginative and sparked lots of creative discussions in our house - what other sorts of adventures could road cones get up too?

A quirky story that will spark the imaginations of readers, who knew a road cone could spark such a fun adventure?!

Reviewer: Rebekah Lyell

Minty Books


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