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Buzzy Bee’s Birthday Party & Buzzy Bee’s Food Shapes by Joy Cowley with illustrations by Richard Hoi

Joy Cowley, one of New Zealand’s most loved and best known authors is also extremely prolific. With over 600 books to her name and a host of national and international accolades, she’s been at it again. Bringing us two more graded readers for pre-schoolers Buzzy Bee’s Food Shapes and Buzzy Bee’s Birthday Party.

These brightly coloured and sturdy board-books are illustrated by Cowley’s collaborator, Richard Hoit. Featuring the iconic (and now a TV star) Buzzy Bee along with a cute host of friends, both are excellent, focused learning materials. Buzzy Bee’s Birthday Party focuses on counting and Buzzy Bee’s Food Shapes (as the name suggests) focuses on distinguishing shapes.

While they’re not going to set the world on fire with their originality, they are however, like the rest of the Buzzy Bee series, an excellent learning addition to any classroom or preschool.

With a winning combo of Hoit’s bright, captivating illustrations, and Cowley’s carefully graded text, they’re sure to appeal to young learners.

REVIEWER: Heidi North-Bailey

TITLE: Buzzy Bee’s Food Shapes and Buzzy Bee’s Birthday Party

AUTHOR(S): Joy Cowley


PUBLISHER: Upstart Press

RRP: $13.99 each


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