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Brilliant Bites by Maegan Brown

I discovered Maegan Brown when her first book, Beautiful Boards was published. In her debut she shared her mindset for grazing platters, explaining how any meal can be boarded, layering flavours and textures.

In her latest book, Maegan takes grazing to the next level! Whether you call them amuse-bouches, appetisers, canapes, finger foods, hors d’oevres, mezze or tapas, Maegan’s bites are perfectly portioned for party grazing and on-the-go snacking.

Brilliant Bites is Maegan’s third book and features 75 small bites for any occasion. She has curated her favourite recipes for party bites, holidays, breakfast, snack, dessert and paired them with savvy sips. There’s loads of cute ideas for kids' party food too.

“My family is obsessed with bite-size foods! They’re easy to make, perfectly portioned, simply satisfying, and a savvy way to serve. I’m always thinking of ways to miniaturize our favorite foods because it’s such an easy and fun way to eat,” she says.

“Every recipe in this book is meant to be enjoyed in one or two bites and eaten with your fingers or a decorative food pick. No utensils or plates are necessary...” she says.

I loved the chicken fajita bites – stuffed mini peppers, wedge salad bites – featuring roasted brussel sprouts. Some of my favourites include antipasto and breakfast burrito bites. There’s also smoked salmon bagel bites, avocado toast bites, BLT grilled cheese bites, mini pizzas and even loaded baked potato chips! Once again, Maegan’s goal is to prepare bites in advance so that you can also enjoy the experience of sharing a meal.

Maegan Brown is the bestselling author of Beautiful Boards and Spectacular Spreads. Megan lives in Dallas, USA with her husband and four children. Follow Maegan online.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy Rockpoint


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