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Boo Goes Tutti Frutti by Rachel Weston

Home alone and hungry, Boo spies something that tempts his tastebuds, but will he like them? Boo, the pint-sized pooch, spies a fruit bowl and the tasty goodies that hide within. Unfortunately for them, the McQueen sisters' pristine house quickly loses its sparkle as Boo enjoys the succulent treats.

Author Rachel Weston was inspired to write the story because of her own dog, Phantom. Every night under the cover of darkness, Phantom would sneak next door to steal avocados from the neighbour's tree. Trotting home, he'd peel the avocado with his teeth, eat the flesh, and leave the stone, skin and green smudges all over Weston's carpet.

Boo Goes Tutti Frutti is a fun book to read, with a catchy rhythm and rhyme coupled with a fun guessing game. What fruit will Boo get his teeth into next?

Scott Tulloch's bright illustrations pop off the page, and the cover is a gorgeous hint at what's inside. The bold yellow, with pops of purple and red, catch your eye immediately. Paired with glossy highlights, the book's designers have done a fantastic job at making it instantly appealing.

Tulloch has managed to make Boo one of the most expressive dogs I've seen, while still being realistic. His face as he bites into a plum got lots of laughs, and lots of copycat gestures from the little people I've read this book to.

That's the part I like most about Weston's books, they invite readers to interact. She pitches her stories (see also Hello! Kia ora! Welcome New Friend! and Bumblebees Have Smelly Feet) at her audience perfectly and she understands what connections books bring. Her writing compels the adult reader to ask questions, to join in, to make silly expressions, and most of all, to have fun with reading. If we want our children to become life-long readers, ensuring reading is a time of fun and joy is crucial. Boo Goes Tutti Frutti ticks all those boxes.

This is another stellar offering from Weston, with laughter, joy, and perhaps a new found love of fruit to boot.

Reviewed by: Rebekah Lyell

Weston Books, RRP $19.99


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