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Being You by Maggie Eyre

Maggie Eyre is an expert in working with senior business executives and public figures, showing clients how to think and act as a personal brand, so she brings over 30 years’ experience to this book. It’s an insightful, practical read, and has effective tips for all forms of personal branding. Being You is useful if you are starting a career or are already established in your life.

There is plenty to learn here, including effective communication and networking. Maggie includes stories and case studies based on her considerable experience.

A big part of this book is the importance of being consistent to one’s core beliefs and values, so Being You encourages you to be your unique self – and to build a genuine and authentic personal brand.

Being You examines what is a personal brand and how to define a personal brand. Then it looks at your target market, your digital presence and the power of storytelling. The book discusses the presentation skills to build your brand, networking and styling your brand. There is also a chapter about TED talks, and even if you don’t plan to do a TED talk, you can apply these tips to any presentation.

Being You is a fabulous resource that will help you focus and be strategic in building a personal brand that is authentic and has integrity.

Reviewed by Karen McMillan

Published by Exisle Books


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