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Bateman New Zealand Writer’s Handbook by Tina Shaw

This book is a must-have for all authors, and Tina Shaw has done an excellent job updating and revising the 7th edition.

Getting Started looks at the nuts and bolts of writing from the first draft onwards, useful tools such as libraries, dictionaries, blogs, and apps. There is information on different writing genres and things like worldbuilding, and Tina looks at both fiction and nonfiction. There is a useful list of literary magazines with contacts.

The Business End section covers important things like good places for research and photographic collections, manuscript accessors, editors, proofreaders and literary agents, all with useful contact information. There is also info on book publishers, contracts, copyright and taxation.

There is an entire section on Indie Publishing, which I am sure will be invaluable for many authors. The Professional Development section has info on awards, funding, writing courses, and other opportunities.

The Bateman New Zealand Writer’s Handbook is a very useful volume for writers and will be well-thumbed, I am sure. The only section that is perhaps not that helpful is the media contact information, as some of the information is already out of date, such is the rapidly changing media landscape. And for the next edition, it would be lovely to see the NZ Booklovers Awards included! But overall, this is a very helpful guide for writers.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

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