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Aotearoa Lost Worlds by Dave Gunson

Children love dinosaurs and other curious beasts that no longer roam our worlds. This new book by New Zealand author Dave Gunson allows children to rediscover the past.

Aotearoa has changed dramatically in size and climate over the past 120 million years, and our native species have changed dramatically too. Dinosaurs, great sea reptiles, the largest-ever bird of prey, supergiant penguins, crocodiles, and moa all once inhabited our country.

Containing vivid illustrations to capture the imagination, Aotearoa Lost Worlds transports the reader back in time, tracing our land's evolution right back to Gondwanaland. This is a fully revised edition of Gunson's Lost Worlds of Aotearoa.

Double page illustrations show the creatures within their habitat, before expanding more on each creature in simple to read paragraphs. Gunson has a knack for turning complex ideas and scientific facts, into perfectly pitched, child-friendly information. He is a talented children's natural history author, and Aotearoa Lost Worlds is another fine example.

A comprehensive index makes this a perfect book for research, and one that should be added to every school and public library.

Aotearoa Lost Worlds is a fantastic way to get lost in history and experience the weird, wild and wonderful animals and plants of ancient Aotearoa.

Reviewed by: Rebekah Lyell

Bateman Books, RRP $19.99


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