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Animals for Kiwi Babies and My Body For Kiwi Babies by Mathew and Fraser Williamson

The newest additions to the Kiwi Babies line-up, these two new board books are as beautiful and bright as their predecessors.

Following on from Colours for Kiwi Babies and Counting for Kiwi Babies, the animal and body editions celebrate our nation. Each book features energetic and appealing illustrations alongside the name of the picture in both te reo Māori and English.

From backyards to farms, the sea to the bush, the Animals book serves as a great introduction to animals for our babies. Meanwhile, My Body explores parts of the body from top to toe.

A simple ‘sounds’ chart at the back of the book helps those with no prior knowledge to pronounce each word correctly. Macrons (tohutō) are used, ensuring each Māori word is spelled, and pronounced, correctly.

The books may be marketed to babies, but they are a simple, easy way to help introduce te reo Māori into your home if you are just beginning to learn the language.

While the book doesn’t cater for regional dialect differences, the words chosen reflect that which is commonly used.

Younger children and babies will love the bright colours and simple illustrations used. The pages are uncluttered, with a large font and plain backgrounds. The children depicted in My Body for Kiwi Babies are diverse and unique, highlighting the importance of inclusivity from the youngest age. Meanwhile, the creatures depicted in Animals are rich in detail, while also instantly recognisable. The illustrations across both books are full of character and movement.

The book themselves are sturdy and robust, and will be able to handle the roughest of little readers. The pages are thick and glossy. Rounded corners allow babies the chance to fully explore the book using all their senses, without destroying the beautiful book.

These delightful books would make the perfect gift for a new Kiwi baby, either here or abroad.

Reviewer: Rebekah Fraser

Picture Puffin, RRP $12.99 each


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