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A Springtime Affair by Katie Fforde

When life seems a tad tedious or troublesome, a good antidote can be to escape into the pages of a whimsical romance, such as those penned by British writer Katie Fforde.

In her latest jaunt down lovers’ lane, romance is given the twice-over-lightly treatment when the hearts of mother and daughter Gilly and Helena are pinged simultaneously by Cupid’s arrow one genteel springtime. Not by the same man, of course, and in Gilly’s case there are two handsome contenders. It’s a given with this author that things will all work out in the end and while intentions here are well and truly declared before summer’s heat lets things get too steamy, there are a few obstacles to overcome along the way.

For Gilly, it’s her son and daughter-in-law’s belief that she should sell up her beloved bed-and-breakfast business and throw in her lot with them so they can buy the mansion they desire. For artistic weaver Helena it’s finding a new studio for her large loom and a new place to live. Her lovely landlord Jago could have the answer, but is he really all that he seems?

With her charming characters, varied scenarios and sense of humour, Katie Fforde has the knack of packing a lot into a light read. Add it to your book pile to bring a little spring bloom to a dreary winter weekend.

Reviewer: Rowena Mara

Penguin Random House


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