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A New Zealander's Guide to Touring Natural New Zealand by Peter Janssen

This beautiful book is a must for people travelling in our own country during this summer. It caters for those who want to travel over this special year while there are fewer overseas travellers here.

Peter Janssen’s magnificent touring guide is dedicated to natural attractions. It is structured geographically around itineraries - 22 in the North Island and 25 in the South. It lists short walks, or detours to extend the day, and highlights scenic trips of comfortable distances. The book is a practical road touring companion, with maps from a top cartographer. It would be a great gift for the family planning a trip around New Zealand whatever the length of travel: long journeys or short day trips. It really is a MUST for every car. Even those who have seen a great deal of the country will be surprised at small snippets of information within these pages.

This lovely guide to travelling around beautiful New Zealand is SO simple to read and to plan with. The distances covered are easy times for traveling between towns, and times given are accurate. Directions are very clear.

Peter Janssen has produced an excellent book, in a timely manner, for New Zealanders who have never seen their own country, and who are now preparing to view as much as they can before being inundated by overseas visitors again. Tranquil bays, thermal areas, natural forests, beautiful lakes, - these are all included.

The maps are excellent, simple and clear. Itineraries are flexible, to enable personalised travel plans. If you wish to follow the book as it stands the traveller could not go wrong!

Each region is covered with a small map on appropriate pages. There are lists of places to visit, with beautiful illustrations to highlight the items.

The book is a comfortable size for the passenger’s knee, or the motor home table. The index is comprehensive, clearly outlining facilities available at every stop. New Zealand’s natural wonders are offered at every turn, with spectacular views, panoramas the like of which the world admires from afar. NOW we can visit and see them for ourselves, since touring homeland has come off the “I’ll do it when I have been overseas first,” list. This is something good to have come from Covid -19 after all. Peter Janssen is a former publisher and keen outdoorsman. He has published over 16 books on New Zealand. Canterbury photographer, Andrew Fear, added his spectacular photos of nature in the countryside, bringing the scenery to life, as the traveller can expect to see it. They have made a great partnership here.

This excellent book outlines journeys and short walks which can be within the grasp of most people.

I highly recommend this book. It will make an excellent gift to use at the beginning of the summer when daylight saving gives us time to spare at the end of the day. Reviewer: Sonia Edwards

New Holland Publishers


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