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A House for Donfinkle by Choechoe Brereton

Donfinkle Vonkrinkle is building his home, and he thinks he has it perfect until four creatures turn up and begin to tease him by suggesting “improvements”. Their “troublesome taunt full of bothersome talk” has Donfinkle tinkering with his perfect house until it turns out all “jumbly”, and anything but perfect.

A House for Donfinkle is Choechoe Brereton’s first book, and it is a delightful read that uses rhyme and alliteration to their best advantages. Wayne Harris’s quirky digital artwork suit the picture book’s rather odd character names, and bring Donfinkle’s house, and the changes made to it, to life perfectly.

It is a large book, ideal for allowing you and your child to pour over the pages, inspecting all the different creatures that Harris has created. A House for Donfinkle is suitable for ages 3-6, and gives young readers a lovely message of friendship and working together.

A House for Donfinkle, by Choechoe Brereton, illustrated by Wayne Harris is published by Walker Books, RRP $27.99.


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