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101 Tiny Changes to Brighten Your Day by Ailbhe Malone

Sometimes it seems like self-care can take so much time and effort that it’s just too hard to achieve a healthy balance. But doing small things for yourself can help calm your mind and improve your wellbeing, says author Ailbhe Malone.

When Ailbhe was diagnosed in her late 20s with generalised anxiety disorder, she found the process of getting better overwhelming.

However, she decided to look after herself by focusing on the little things. In 101 Tiny Changes to Brighten your Day, Ailbhe shares her favourite simple tips, from tiny pick-me-ups to total attitude adjustments.

Even if you don’t experience anxiety, this cute book is easy to follow and has plenty of helpful mood boosting ideas. Each page includes a different tip, making it ideal to dip into or skim read. It is divided into nine sections, which makes it easier to find the best tips when you need them.

My favourite section is ‘I’ve only got five minutes’ and includes tips on time saving and last minute adjustments. Ailbhe inspires you to catch your breath and take a moment to mindfully lift your mood. For example, listen to your favourite song, make the perfect cup of tea, compliment someone, imagine your dream party, have a bathroom disco or write down one good thing (big or small) that has happened today.

Ailbhe has also included useful chapters on dealing with the internet and how to cope on darker days. Ailbhe hasn’t set out to solve problems but encourages readers to make small changes for improved wellbeing. This is a thoughtful personal gift to give to someone who is struggling to prioritise their mental health.

Ailbhe Malone is Buzzfeed’s lifestyle editor. She has worked for numerous magazines and newspapers.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy

Allen and Unwin, RRP $22.99


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