Imagine waking up from a coma with 10 years of memory missing. This is what confronts Rebecca, the principal character of Brushstrokes Of Memory upon waking up in hospital after suffering a head injury. Apart from the missing ten years of her life, Rebecca also has to deal with a number of changes in the… Read More

How Not to Fall in Love, Actually is one of my favourite types of novels. That is, it’s the type that sets the bar really high so that any books of the genre I read after it have to work really hard to stand up against it. Debut novelist Catherine Bennetto has written exactly my… Read More

If you, like me, are blessed to have a sister, you’ll know that no matter how different you are, or how far apart you live, there is no bond quite like it. After their mother walked out on them as young girls, this connection is even stronger for Cassie and Coco Kinneally, the main characters… Read More

I have always enjoyed fiction that portrays ordinary life while encompassing a touch of the extraordinary. Chocolat, by Joanne Harris, and Like Water for Chocolate, by Laura Esquivel, are two that instantly spring to mind – and yes, as you might be able to tell from these examples, I also adore food-based novels. In screenwriter… Read More

After reading her twenty-seventh novel, You and Me, Always, it is clear that Jill Mansell has truly mastered the art of the romantic comedy. This story of a classic love triangle, set in the quaint Cotswold village of Stanton Langley, is engaging, uplifting and heart-warmingly funny. Since she was eight years old, every year on… Read More

Ever so subtle is the hint of Autumn on the air, an expectant waiting for the leaves to turn and the sunsets to happen a little earlier. What better time to start stockpiling up some engaging women’s fiction to cosy up with in the coming months. If, like me, you can’t help but enjoy a… Read More

I opened How to Be Single with something of a sceptical spirit. After all, the author, Liz Tuccillo, had co-authored the popular He’s Just Not That Into You, a book I was just not that into. So, it came as a welcome surprise that I was met with a fun, energetic narrative that I was… Read More

If you’re in the mood for some charming, funny, and slightly magical romantic comedy, be sure to pick up a copy of The Enchanted Island. The second novel from Irish-Australian author Ellie O’Neill is chick-lit that hits all the right notes – I couldn’t put it down. Maeve O’Brien has hit rock bottom. Her best… Read More

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