With shades of Clave of the Cave Bears and The Hunger Games, Slave Power is the first in a new series. Set in the East of the Black Sea around 300 BC, this is a tale of Amazon Tribes under threat from slave traders who are showing no mercy as they attack the peaceful tribes… Read More

You have to get to a certain age to really be able to appreciate a book like this. You have to be able to look back on your childhood with a few years of perspective to be able to understand and articulate your reading habits and the effect that they may have had on your… Read More

Back in 2014, well-known author Kate de Goldi approached Gecko Press publisher Julia Marshall with an idea aimed to revitalize the reading experience for upper primary school children and create lifetime readers. Those children, and their families, are lucky Marshall jumped at the opportunity and took a punt on Annual.  "We wanted Annual to be a game… Read More

Remix, by Non Pratt

Kaz and Ruby are best friends who are both down in the dumps about their love life. What better way to get over things than by attending Remix, a three day music festival? Good music, partying, and freedom away from parents... what could go wrong? Everything of course, as both the girl's exes turn up… Read More

War, and everything it encompasses, becomes increasingly personal for 18-year-old Evie and her family. Straight out of school the New Zealand teenager is excited about the prospect of a tour of Europe. However, she finds herself immersed in war; first in the Home Counties – where she is confronted by society’s restrictions, her family’s expectations… Read More

Rachael Craw has been voted for by hundreds of teenagers all over New Zealand as a finalist in the Children’s Choice Young Adult Fiction category, for her first YA book Spark. This is the first in a trilogy, of which Stray will be published later this year by Walker Books. Vote for her here! I… Read More

I don’t read chick lit. There, I said it. I’m a complete snob, I know, but I always turn my nose up at the sections marked ‘Women’s Fiction’ in bookshops; you know the ones, pink placards festooned with twee little drawings of lipsticks and stilettos (because that’s all we think about; am I right, ladies?)… Read More

In a world divided by blood - the powerful (and superpowered) Silverbloods on top, and the common Redbloods on the bottom - Mare Barrow struggles to get by living in her poor village. But when Mare discovers she has powers of her own, and so does the Silver King, Mare must play a dangerous game… Read More

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