Assigned female at birth, Nevo Zisin has had a complex relationship with gender. Now identifying as non-binary, the 21-year-old student and activist wasn't born in the wrong body. Nevo just wants everyone to catch-up with all that Nevo is. From 'coming out' as lesbian at 15, to transitioning to present as male at the age of 17… Read More

They say to live every day as if it's your last - but you never actually think it's going to be. You always think you'll have more time. That's what popular high school students Sam thought, but she was wrong. Sam dies in a terrible accident one night. However, she still wakes up the next… Read More

Back in 2014, well-known author Kate de Goldi approached Gecko Press publisher Julia Marshall with an idea aimed to revitalize the reading experience for upper primary school children and create lifetime readers. Those children, and their families, are lucky Marshall jumped at the opportunity and took a punt on Annual.  "We wanted Annual to be a game… Read More

Amber craves excitement and adventure. Instead she is bullied at school for having two dads, and her life at home isn't much better. Inspired by Oscar Wilde, Amber realises that there must be others who feel the same as she does among the million of people in London. After chance encounters with Maali, Sky, and… Read More

Tim Harris picks up Exploding Endings Book Two from where its predecessor left us, with a psycho sweet toothed seagull. This collection of short stories follows exactly the same formula as the first book - snack-sized stories with twists you will never expect. Once again Harris, a primary school teacher with 15 years experience, has nailed his target audience… Read More

It's the eve of Ethan Miller's freshman year of high school in a brand-new town. He's finally sporting a haircut he loves, has grown two inches, and can't wait to try out for the soccer team. Everything looks great in his life. Until the next day. He awakens as a girl, Drew Bohner. Ethan is… Read More

After being pestered and pestered for longer bedtime stories I've just started reading Harry Potter to my daughter. She's only four and half, but you're never too young to start, right? We've just got up to the part when the glass disappears and the snake slithers out and chases after Dudley. Reading it a second… Read More

Every once in a while a book comes along that has the potential to spin its genre on its head. A real game changer and one that breathes new life into a tired formula. Unfortunately, Not If I See You First is not it. Parker Grant is just like any other teenager, except she is blind. She… Read More

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