science fiction

The Loneliest Girl in the Universe is about a girl who has been by herself on a spaceship bound for a new planet that can sustain life. She was born on the ship and so has never seen Earth. There were originally many other people on the ship with her, including her parents. But following… Read More

It is 4999: the year of Atania. Lasandria, an ancient and glorious civilisation, has just been destroyed in a horrific episode of destruction and violence. Ardonis, High Priest of Lasandria, brings the matter to the Council of Elders at the Court of Shanadon in the realm of the Guardians. The Elders, comprised of six men… Read More

A powerful and epic debut about fate and timelessness of first love, The Next Together is a fantastic read. Katherine and Matthew are destined to be born again and again. Each time their presences changes history for the better, and each time, they fall hopelessly in love, only to be tragically separated. How many times… Read More

Although I was looking forward to reading Speak, I did assume I could predict the story as soon as I saw the words “artificial intelligence” in the blurb. AI fiction varies in quality, but it almost always contains the universal warning that machines will take over. Louisa Hall, however, makes a welcome adjustment in warning… Read More

Benjamin Percy’s The Dead Lands is a kind of post-apocalyptic retelling of the Lewis and Clark’s expedition across America in the early nineteenth century. Set 150 years into the future, a devastating illness, which caused its sufferers’ lungs to burn and for them to cough up blood until they died, has wiped out all but a… Read More

If you ever thought fairy stories were for children – you’re behind the times. I encountered the magic of Eoin Colfer through the Artemis Fowl series and instantly fell in love with a story of an arrogant young nerdy thirteen-year-old who has to depend on some super high-tech fairy power from a girl. Brilliant said… Read More

Quin has spent her whole life training to becoming a Seeker, growing up on a remote estate in Scotland that hasn’t changed for hundreds of years. She is ready to protect the week, and join her line of ancestors in righting the wrongs of the world. But when Quin takes her vows, she learns that… Read More

After a captivating first two books, Saga: Volume 3 brings the first major arc of Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples’ science fantasy epic to a close. Having successfully fled Cleave and eluded capture by both the military and a bounty hunter, Alana, Marko, and the rest of their family find their way to a… Read More

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