Rosie and Penn have always wanted a daughter. Four sons later, they decide to try one last time -- and their beautiful little boy Claude is born. Life continues on until the day that Claude says that, when he grows up, he wants to be a girl. As far as his parents are concerned, he… Read More

With her debut novel The Hating Game, Australian Sally Thorne has certainly made quite the first impression. Her sexy, workplace romantic comedy is utterly hilarious and completely engaging, and has received a lot of very positive hype. After reading it, I completely understand why! This book is a comical, naughty romp that had me laughing… Read More

Australia's Liane Moriarty has done it again, with a captivating story about something that we all think will never happen to us, but so easily could. You know, the story you hear about on the news about the family who did such and such and you react with a tut-tut because how could they possibly… Read More

Ever so subtle is the hint of Autumn on the air, an expectant waiting for the leaves to turn and the sunsets to happen a little earlier. What better time to start stockpiling up some engaging women’s fiction to cosy up with in the coming months. If, like me, you can’t help but enjoy a… Read More

I opened How to Be Single with something of a sceptical spirit. After all, the author, Liz Tuccillo, had co-authored the popular He’s Just Not That Into You, a book I was just not that into. So, it came as a welcome surprise that I was met with a fun, energetic narrative that I was… Read More

Justine Cantrell is a mother, a proud mother to Abby, Ben and Tallulah. She is also a wife, a happy wife to Matt Cantrell. But for now, Justine wants to be who she was before she stepped into that murky and risk-laden world of marriage and motherhood. She wants to be Justine McQuillan all over… Read More

The thing about parenting is “those” days. I’m sure you know them well: those days when you are feeling uninspired, overwhelmed and frazzled, and the idea of making parenting fun among the daily grind of “to do lists “ (and possible chronic sleep deprivation), is the very last thing you’ll want to think about. Especially… Read More

Now and then, between reading my usual literary fiction novels, I like to slow down, curl up with a page turning bestseller or comforting family saga... and simply escape. I hoped that Rain Music, Di Morrissey’s latest novel, would provide a welcome respite to my busy, end-of-year-end-of-study stress. After all, Morrissey has a reputation for… Read More

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