Last year, sick of not being motivated to read enough, I tried the 2016 book challenge. While I didn’t quite get through all 52 books, I did read more than triple the amount of books I read the year before. Not a bad improvement! This year I’m going to try again with a new list… Read More

You have to get to a certain age to really be able to appreciate a book like this. You have to be able to look back on your childhood with a few years of perspective to be able to understand and articulate your reading habits and the effect that they may have had on your… Read More

At the risk of sounding like I have been around for way too many years, I remember a time when everything you read came printed on paper – that’s right, that mystical age before computers, the internet and e-readers. That age, before the written word was acquirable at the touch of a fingertip, manifesting as… Read More

For most people who love books it would be fair to say that reading a good book equals happiness – you know, the kind of happiness where you are entirely hooked from beginning to end, where at the end of the day returning home to read your book makes you feel as excited as having… Read More

My boyfriend is getting annoyed. Every week I bring home more books to add to the ever expanding piles and every week he sighs. We both know that I’ll never have the time to read them before I buy more but I can’t stop. It’s not quite an addiction, though there is comfort in having… Read More

For me, 2015 was the year I failed miserably at reading. This year, I am doing everything in my power to increase how much I read. If, like me, one of your New Year’s resolutions is to read more in 2016, then this list might help you. It challenges you to read a book a… Read More

It is just about time to pull a shirt over your newly minted sunburn and head back to the office (or study). You may be facing this new year with a raft of resolutions, hopes and dreams or you may be dragging your feet with reluctance and perhaps a trace of despair. However, wherever you find… Read More

From what I remember, being a teenager was being in a constant state of change and anxiety. Existentialism weighed heavy – even though I didn’t yet know what name to give that feeling. If you know a teenager, or are indeed one yourself, this won’t be much of a surprise. Obviously, some teens emerge from teen-dom… Read More

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