It is just about time to pull a shirt over your newly minted sunburn and head back to the office (or study). You may be facing this new year with a raft of resolutions, hopes and dreams or you may be dragging your feet with reluctance and perhaps a trace of despair. However, wherever you find… Read More

Acclaimed historian Eleanor Herman begins her historical fantasy series, Blood of Gods and Royals, with the exciting novel, Legacy of Kings. This book is a vivid reimagining of the political and personal experiences of Alexander the Great, his family and peers. Destiny is sure to entwine the lives of the sixteen year old Prince Alexander… Read More

I would describe myself as a fan of Louis de Bernières and so when this book arrived I jumped straight in. Sadly, I’m not convinced that de Bernières did that himself. This is a hard review to write, but this was not my favourite read of the year. This is a WWI book that opens… Read More

I am not sure how to do justice to this book in a short review. Immensely enjoyable for so many reasons, even though it was born out of the pain, suffering and displacement of the Christchurch earthquakes and the subsequent “recovery”. It is too easy to think that the problems Christchurch is struggling with are… Read More

I have just finished Peter Carey’s latest book Amnesia, which is significant because it was not a book I could read quickly. It’s not a page-turner, but it is compelling. Why so? Well, firstly I think Peter tackles an era in Australia’s history that was alarming at the time. A time when beloved Prime Minister… Read More

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