It sounds like a very ambitious title, but the reality is that Dr Adam Rutherford is simply claiming that we are all the same. We are all Homo sapiens and that hasn’t changed in a long time. The book is in essence all about a strand of evidence called DNA and Rutherford helps us to… Read More

Leigh Hopkinson was the least likely person to become a stripper, but after spending two decades naked, she realised it was her career - and her life. As a university student in Canterbury she worked at a succession of low-paying jobs that paid the rent and fit around her degree. However, none of them fit… Read More

Does the name Steven Avery ring a bell? If not, hie thee hence to Netflix and binge watch the documentary series Making a Murderer. I’ll wait. Since the documentary was released in December last year the world has become somewhat obsessed with one of America’s most notorious wrongful convictions. Steven Avery, a man with a… Read More

I have been fortunate enough to have only been admitted to hospital twice in my thirty years. Once at the age of five to have my tonsils removed, and once more at twenty five when my daughter was born. Both times it is not the doctors I remember, but the nurses. They are the ones… Read More

In The Scene of the Crime, award-winning journalist, author and columnist, Steve Braunias, presents a truly riveting line-up of twelve of the most infamous crime stories that have occupied the New Zealand public imagination, and which challenge our conceptions of right and wrong, victim and perpetrator, guilt and innocence. As court reporter , originally appointed… Read More

In the Bush is the fourth book in Potton & Burton's ‘explore and discover’ series, non-fiction picture books written by Gillian Candler and illustrated by Ned Barraud. Pitched at older primary children the ‘explore and discover’ series tackles New Zealand’s natural environment. In the Bush explores New Zealand’s bush, encouraging young readers to engage with the plants and animals that… Read More

I love a good non-fiction anthology. Collated from journals, magazines, websites and beyond, this collection has true tales of tragedy, transformation, stories from home and abroad and more. I’m too lazy to go out and find good Kiwi writers for myself, the internet is a daunting place, so to have someone else do it for… Read More

Author Dawn McMillan writes children’s fiction and non-fiction books. She has published over 15 picture books and over 140 educational readers, which are used in schools in New Zealand, Australia, the United States and Canada. McMillan’s book Why Do Dogs Sniff Bottoms? won the Children's Choice Award at the 2003 New Zealand Post Book Awards… Read More

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