This is a great addition to the long list of great novels that Ian McEwan has produced. There were two or three that missed the mark for me – Sunday, Solar and Sweet Tooth. But his previous novel to this, The Children Act, was excellent and this latest is McEwan back to his very best… Read More

I have always enjoyed fiction that portrays ordinary life while encompassing a touch of the extraordinary. Chocolat, by Joanne Harris, and Like Water for Chocolate, by Laura Esquivel, are two that instantly spring to mind – and yes, as you might be able to tell from these examples, I also adore food-based novels. In screenwriter… Read More

I really enjoyed this book. I am a Joanne Harris fan I must admit, but if you are immediately thinking Chocolat then I need to tell you that this is so very different to her earlier works. It is a gripping mystery and thriller that demonstrates Harris’ skill with writing a tale in any genre… Read More

The blurb for Luke Devenish’s novel The Secret Heiress promises “a tale of dark shadows and extraordinary deception” amidst the 1886 Australian countryside.  Saturated with gothic stalwarts including a grand mysterious mansion, a handsome yet possibly devious lover, a crass and brooding valet and the enigmatic death of a beautiful heiress, the novel revolves around… Read More

Does the name Steven Avery ring a bell? If not, hie thee hence to Netflix and binge watch the documentary series Making a Murderer. I’ll wait. Since the documentary was released in December last year the world has become somewhat obsessed with one of America’s most notorious wrongful convictions. Steven Avery, a man with a… Read More

If you are looking for a no-holds-barred summer read that does not hesitate to plunge head first into a spine-chilling plot from the very outset of the book, then Robert Galbraith’s Career of Evil might just be the book for you. The long awaited third instalment of Galbraith’s – aka J.K. Rowling - “Cormoran Strike”… Read More

It is just about time to pull a shirt over your newly minted sunburn and head back to the office (or study). You may be facing this new year with a raft of resolutions, hopes and dreams or you may be dragging your feet with reluctance and perhaps a trace of despair. However, wherever you find… Read More

What could be scarier than the prospect of losing your mind; of being told that you will forget your own history, your own immediate past and everyone in it, including yourself. You will forget what you had for lunch yesterday, the name of your friends, and you will forget whether the reason you are sitting… Read More

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